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Tillsammans mot klimatneutrala städer 2030. Bild från European Viable Cities Day 2022. Pristagare sitter tillsammans framför bland annat en EU-flagga

Tillsammans mot klimatneutrala städer 2030

Welcome to European Viable Cities Day 2023

Viable Cities and the European Commission’s representation in Sweden are pleased to invite you to our sixth European Viable Cities Day on December 8, 2023 –  a bridge between the Swedish and European efforts towards the mission of climate neutral and sustainable cities by 2030.

With seven years to go to reach the mission of climate neutral cities, action is needed now. Radical implementation is of the essence. At this event we will discuss how to accelerate the transition from several perspectives: the mobilisation and capacity building for climate transition, creating competitiveness and jobs through climate transition, radical implementation and upscaling. We are honoured by the presence of many key actors in the climate transition in cities, who will share their experiences and aspirations for the next steps towards the mission in Sweden and Europe.

The signing ceremony of the Swedish Climate City Contract (Klimatkontrakt 2030)

The first Swedish contracts were signed in 2020 by nine city mayors and the director generals from four government agencies. Since then, the Swedish climate work has inspired the European Level where 112 cities have joined the mission of climate neutral cities by 2030.

This year, 2023, the first European versions of the Climate City Contract have been signed, and Viable Cities continues to mobilise together with 23 Swedish cities and six government agencies. On Dec 8 2023, Swedish cities and government agencies will sign a revised and more ambitious Klimatkontrakt 2030. The movement to accelerate the climate transition and pave way for many others is growing and gaining momentum.

Welcome to European Viable Cities Day 2023.

Annika Wäppling Korzinek
Head of the European Commission
Representation in Sweden

Olga Kordas
Programme Director
Viable Cities


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Arrangör: Viable Cities, Europeiska kommissionens representation i Sverige